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How does a paypig approach a FinDomme

How does a paypig approach a FinDomme?

It seems like a redundant question, but given what I receive with some regularity in my mailbox, app and DM, certainly no redundancy to pay some attention to this.

While it may be difficult for newbie paypigs to find the right tone, a rule of thumb is: just be polite.

It doesn't matter what you say, as long as you do so in a polite, respectful manner. It's as simple as that.


So don't:

"Hey "or "hi".

But simply:

"Dear (goddess name)"

"Good morning/afternoon/evening (goddess name)"

If I get a message with just "Hey", it is immediately deleted. Indeed, this word irritates me immensely. It is shallow, empty, facile, boring and, above all, rude.

What "hey." I didn't mess with you. 


When you have neatly said "Good morning/afternoon/evening goddess", you can ask her if you can please pay her a tribute (or if you have already done so indicate this and nicely ask a polite question) especially with the word 'please' included.

Actually, you can think of a message to a FinDomme as a cover letter. After all, you are applying for the position of money slave/paypig or something else.

You don't start a job application at the company you would like to work for with "Hey" either I hope....

How does a paypig approach a FinDomme

So how does a paypig approach a FinDomme. Just nicely, politely and respectfully.

When you do it this way, you immediately make a good impression and it can't really go wrong.


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