Money Mistress

How to find a paypig

How do you find a paypig? I can answer this question very simply, you don't find one, he finds you.

A FinDomme who self hunting must go to a paying pig is doing something wrong.

Of course, it is important to show yourself as a FinDomme on the internet but the real paypigs are so keen to serve a Money Goddess that they themselves look everywhere for a Money Mistress suitable for them.

I regularly see novice FinDommes on Twitter saying they "need a paypig". Toe-curling!

A real FinDomme doesn't need the paypig, it's the other way around! Besides, she doesn't need his money, she just wants it.

How to find a paypig

So you don't find a paypig by going on Twitter (X) begging for a money slave. What's more, this will actually scare away a true pay pig. This is begging in disguise, showing that you obviously need money very badly. With this, you are mainly sending out the message that you need the paypig more than he needs you.

For you ten others.

After all, FinDommes are easier to find than paypigs. 


Another thing I see lol on X is that BabyDommes constantly use the term 'loser' in their tweets and allude to small dicks when publicly addressing their viewers or followers.

Of course there are subs and slaves who get a kick out of the humiliation of having their 'manclitty' but of course far from everyone.

One paypig is not the other.

By constantly only using the term 'loser' in your public posts (because you see other BabyDommes doing this?) and pointing out a so-called 'little one' with your fingers, you are a priori not addressing a lot of subs and slaves.


What many BabyDommes also don't understand is that it doesn't work if you post random tweets commanding everyone who reads it to pay your receipts or bills. How likely do you think it is that someone will feel compelled to actually do so?

A money slave is a person with submissive feelings that need to be triggered by something special.

A certain look or a certain way of talking, something that is very attractive to him and makes him want to serve you.

A picture of a receipt showing the amount of your petrol or your coffee at the Starbucks certainly isn't. Unless the pig is already owned by you, then of course he will be happy to do this for you.

A paypig is a sub, not Santa.

(Quote by Miss Million.)

Bait tweets

What also does not help is responding to so-called piggybanks who post calls on Twitter (X)) asking which FinDommes want money.

I regularly see these kinds of bait tweets passing by on X, and the responses from money-hungry BabyDommes are downright sad.

A true FinDomme does not queue up for a bit of money!

And not for a great deal either, if the paypig in question offers this on his page.

A true FinDomme is only open to donations if a human wallet gives her personally (via WhatsApp, email or DM) approaches. A true FinDomme is not one among many, she deserves not only special treatment, but above all respect and dedication.

In short, how do you find a paypig?

Not. The paypig finds you.


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