Money Mistress

Rates FinDom

I am regularly asked by novice FinDommes what my rates are for FinDom.

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time, namely: I do not charge fixed rates.

The only fixed rates I charge are for my tribute to talk, and drafting the FinDom blackmail contract and the debt contract. For the simple reason that I know exactly how much time I spend on this.

The tribute to talk I would like to add to this. Some people still don't understand why I count a tribute to talk. It is very simple. 

Rate tribute to talk

When a sub asks me for all kinds of information about my way of working, how I approach things, what I would do with him, etc. and I explain this nicely, it sometimes happens that in the end the sub still does not submit an application or place an order. Because I do spend my valuable time on the sub in question, I find it only logical that a fee is charged for this.

This way, no conversation is wasted time for me, because through the tribute at least paid for my time.

It would be a mess anyway if I had to speak to everyone all day without my time being compensated.

Custom content pricing

For custom content, it depends entirely on who makes the request (is he polite or is he behaving rudely), what the request is and how much time it takes me to fulfil the request.

Starting from this, in terms of time, I usually charge a basic rate of €50.00 per half hour.

For special kinks or personalisation (name, specific words, etc.), I always charge an exclusivity fee.

Rates FinDom

The fees charged for FinDom always depend on the FinDomme herself. How much time she spends fulfilling the requests and how much she herself thinks her time is worth.