Money Mistress

What is a cash meet, cash drop and bankrape

What is a cash meet, cash drop and bankrape? If you delve a little more into the world of FinDom delves, you often come across these notions. Often, paypigs want to meet up with a Mistress to hand her money or even better, count it out at her feet.

But what is the difference between these three ways of serving or paying?

What is a cashmeet

In a cashmeet, the Mistress agrees with the paypig on a place where she will meet him. Usually this is somewhere in a park, forest or car park, but it also happens that it just happens in the middle of the city where everyone can see it. This is of course extra humiliating for the paypig, which makes it extra exciting for some pigs.

Some Money Masters choose to have the money delivered to their doorstep by the paypig.

Risky, because the paypig then immediately knows where the Domme lives and could possibly start stalking her or do other nasty things.

During a cashmeet, the paypig kneels down in front of the Domme and counts out the amount he wants, can or should give her at her feet. Then the paypig picks up the money and hands it neatly to the Domme who, of course, does not bend down to pick it up himself.

Not infrequently, he is then kicked and/or ordered to fuck off.

What is a cash drop

A cash drop involves agreeing on a place where the paypig will leave an envelope or bag(s) of money for the Domme. This could be in a bin or planter in a park, under a bench or some other (inconspicuous) place.

So here the Cashqueen has to stand somewhere concealed to watch where the paypig stays and whether he deposits the money at the agreed spot.

Once the pig is gone, the Money Goddess can start taking her money from the planter or bin.

Especially very awkward for Money Mistresses who want to remain anonymous, as there is a good chance that the pig will remain somewhere secretly watching the Domme. And maybe take pictures of her too.

What is a bankrape

At a bankrape, the FinDomme meets at an ATM where she can withdraw money using the paypig's bank card. The paypig humbly kneels down in front of the Domme, hands her his ATM card as well as the code where she can go ahead and take whatever she wants.

Afterwards, she throws the pass at the pig's feet, OR... in some cases, she keeps the pass.

It is often blocked by the pig after a while, but even then, the Money Mistress in question has often already managed to line her pockets considerably. 

Why I don't do a cash meet, cash drop or bankrape

The reason I don't do a cashmeet, cashdrop or bankrape is, firstly, that it takes effort. You have to go out the door for it as a Cashqueen, something I abhor. I don't go out the door for money. The pleasure that comes with it is for the pig, not for me.

Some FinDommes have fun with it themselves, but not me. I prefer to just receive my money through the bank.

Secondly, as a FinDomme, you run the risk of the pig not showing up. Humiliation at its finest.

Third, it is not harmless. You are never quite sure whether the person you are dating is a nutcase or not. For the same money, it is someone who is totally screwed up and does something to you.

And if it is not the pig who wants to harm you, it might be someone who has seen from a distance that you have quite a bit of cash in your pocket and has no qualms about taking it from you in a heavy-handed manner.

Last but not least, a paypig can call the police in advance and accuse you of blackmail or extortion.

If at that time you did not have the paypig sign a contract or have any other evidence, you have a problem just like that.

A cash meet, cash drop or bankrape always makes a FinDomme vulnerable in some way. Besides the fact that I don't see the fun in such outdoor activities ois certainly not worth the risk to me.