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custom-made photo or video

Rates FinDom photos & videos

Mind you, no nudity, no porn - everything else is negotiable.

Custom foto’s vanaf € 50,00.

Custom video vanaf € 100,00.

All amounts include 21% VAT.

Submit your request via e-mail: 

Or via WhatsApp: 0625223381.

Some examples

  • Humiliation. (Silly grabs sub on weak spot.)
  • Semi trampling. (Domme kicks something with heels or crushes the balls of a dildo).
  • Foot worship (Sub worships the feet of Domme.)
  • Boot worship (Sub worships Domme's boots)


Note: If you want a clear explanation in advance of what and how I will put things on photo or film for you, I will ask for a deposit for my explanation, which will then be deducted from the total amount.

This is to prevent me from sharing a whole plan with the buyer for free and ending up dropping out.

Time = Money and free hustling is not what we do here.

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