Money Mistress

Online Money Mistress

So, my potential submissive piggy bank. So you are looking for an online Money Mistress.

Although you should address me as Queen, Goddess, Mistress or Miss Million, my official Dominatrix name is:

Miss One in a Million.

And for good reason.

From the moment you are allowed to speak to me, I crawl into your head and put you on my mental chain.

Because there is no one like me, you will become addicted to my way of communicating and the power I have over you. And over your finances. Because you will lovingly pay me for any attention I give you. 

Online Money Mistress

Of course, you only get this attention via email or WhatsApp. If you deserve it, you can count on a voice message in which I humiliate, command, blackmail, intimidate, manipulate or, in very rare cases, compliment you. If you really want it and ask nicely, a live webcam session may be possible.

Despite our contact only taking place online, you will feel that I am with you 24/7! My mental dominance extends far beyond your screen.

If you dare to do so, I will regularly make unexpected checks, give you assignments or grant permission if applicable.

My compliments are scarce.

If you do get one, then you have really earned it and you can be sure it is truly meant.


What makes me different from many other FinDommes is that I don't do cash meetings, cash drops or bank raids. This is beneath me. Since I am finely unreachable to most suckers and my time and attention is extremely precious, you can count yourself lucky if you get to be part of my life at all in any minimal way. A personal encounter is not one of them.

Even for my regular piggy banks, cash drops, cash meetings or bank raids are out of the question.

I don't want you to know where I live and, of course, I don't go out myself, that takes effort.

Within our contact, you are the one who makes trouble, not me.

You make an effort to get noticed by me. You make an effort to gain favour with me, get attention, be humiliated or even blackmailed. After all, negative attention is attention too. Though I am also very capable of ignoring you adamantly when I see fit.


If you think you can be the perfect finsub, money slave, paypig or cashcow for me who knows how to please me on and off and can contribute to my luxurious lifestyle, then I hereby give you permission to take a shot.

Immediately make me my tribute about and send me a message via e-mail or WhatsApp: 0625223381 letting me know nicely what you think you can do for me.

Note: Freeloaders and timewasters are not welcome here. Posts without tribute or tap request, will be deleted immediately.

On your bank statement, there will be no reference to Miss One in a Million.

If I think I can use you, I definitely want to be able to impose orders on you more often, so we keep it discreet.

After I receive your payment, I will respond within 48 hours and I will ask you some questions about your background, education level, kinks, fetishes and other things I find important to know about my potential sub or slave and I will set up a plan for you by which I will slowly but surely make you my property.




Tribute transferred?

Ask your question here.

After your payment, I will respond within 48 hours and we will talk further.