Money Mistress

Findom tribute

In FinDom (Financial Domination), a tribute is a gift that reflects the respect and/or adoration the (money) sub has for his Dominatrix. Each Domme determines the amount of her own tribute.

By neatly paying the tribute, the potential (money) slave proves that he has serious intentions and no freeloader or timewaster is.

My tribute to talk is €50.00. In fact, I think this is a reasonable amount for the time I spend To our (introductory) conversation.

The tribute to talk you pay purely for my attention and/or answering your questions and does not involve any (purchase) payment for any service.

If you want to connect with me for the first time, please transfer your tribute immediately to:


Em Yon



For international payment

Country: The Netherlands

Currency: Euro


For other payment options > see at the bottom of this page.


After you make the payment you send me a message via:

Your details will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect (see the privacy policy at the bottom of this page). Also, on your bank statement there will be no reference to Miss One in a Million.

If I think I can use you, I definitely want to be able to impose orders on you more often, so we keep it discreet.


Note: If this is not your first time approaching me, then a tribute for application is not necessary.

If you only want to order something from the kinky webshop, even then a tribute is not necessary.  

Other tribute payment options.

Tip me at least €50.00 via: my wishlist.

Tip me at least €50.00 via: Loyal Fans.

Ask me (humbly and politely!) for a tap via WhatsApp or SMS: 0625223381.

Ask me (humbly and politely!) for a payment request via: