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FinDom freeloaders and timewasters

In FinDom, Dommes regularly have to deal with freeloaders and timewasters.

Although the terms really need no further explanation, I will explain them just to be on the safe side.


These are types who approach a Domme with no real intention of paying. They introduce themselves, let you know what their kink is, that they are looking for a strict Mistress, that they yearn to be wined and dined, etc.

Obviously hoping the Domme will respond and have a nice chat with them about this.

This excites them.

When the Domme directly informs that the they need to pay a tribute first, they usually ask for proof that she is 'real' (live verification video), or come up with some other excuse to delay the moment of payment.

Actually, this is the moment the Domme immediately should drop out.

If the Domme does not do this and still sends a video in good faith, she has unwittingly given away free (custom) content.

The next thing will be for the freeloader to ask if there might be another way to communicate (e.g. via WhatsApp or Telegram instead of X) or to ask her if he can pay via a different payment method than the options she offers, as he supposedly cannot use these.

He will keep this up until he finally finds a 'valid' excuse to 'not get on with the Domme after all'.

Freeloaders are looking for free calls or free videos to indulge in. They are out to hold the Domme's attention for as long as possible without having to pay for it.


See freeloaders.

FinDom freeloaders and timewasters

BabyDommes in particular often give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Especially if they have not yet managed to find a good paypig themselves, they keep up the conversation with a freeloader or timewaster for an unnecessarily long time in the hope that he will still pay up or that she can take advantage of it in some other way.

Chances are this is not going to happen. Indeed, when the freeloader or timewaster is played out, the Domme often gets blocked out of nowhere too. 


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