Money Mistress

Posts without tribute

As a (Baby) FinDomme, what do you do when you receive messages without a tribute?

Just for the record.

A tribute is a payment that a sub transfers to the Domme to get attention from her. A Domme is usually not in to just a bit of free chat. That takes time, and time is money.

Many types (especially on platforms like TikTok or X) pretend in DM that they are interested in a session with the Domme or even want to become her paypig, but when it comes time to pay, they drop out.

The Domme has then wasted her time for nothing and the DM-er has had a nice free chat about kinks, fetishes or other things that got him a free boner.

This is where the terms 'freeloaders' and 'timewasters' come from.

If a paypig has something to ask the Domme, it is customary to pay a tribute first to show that he is not a freeloader or timewaster. This proves the pig is genuinely interested in her and is not just coming to waste her precious time.

Posts without tribute

But what would be the best thing for a novice Domme to do now if she gets messages without a tribute?

Actually, it is quite simple.

If the DM-er posts her without paying tribute or asking for her payment details, this is the first red flag right away.

Good. Perhaps he is new to this world and does not know what the intention is. Unlikely, because someone approaching a FinDomme with serious intentions of becoming a paypig has naturally read up all over the internet first.

Anyway. Not everyone is equally smart. Suppose in this case we give this loser the benefit of the doubt.

Personally, what I always do when someone approaches me without a tribute is to give them two posts.

Two messages

First I give a (very) short answer to his introduction (provided he asks a normal question, a shabby 'hey' is not responded to anyway!) plus the rate of my tribute (€50.00) plus my payment details.

Does the DM-er talk over this or does he come up with an excuse that he wants to see some evidence first or more information wants to receive, then I no longer reply.

In this case, I have given him two posts to show he is serious, and in these two posts he has only proved to be a freeloader or timewaster. I am not waiting for either.

Game over.

A reminder I have taught myself is:

After two messages still no pay, you're not gonna get it anyway.



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