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Findom webcam session

Although, as a FinDomme myself, I do not do webcam sessions (exceptionally only for my regular paypigs), other FinDommes are of course completely free to do so.

What can you do during a FinDom webcam session?

FinDom is first and foremost a psychological kink so anything a Domme allows her slaves or subs during the webcam session on the physical plane is a bonus for them. (Of course, this comes with an extra price tag!)

Examples FinDom webcam session

JOI. (Jerk Off Instructions.)

SPH (Small Penis Humiliation).

CEI. (Cum Eating Instructions.)

Dickrating. (A fair assessment!)

Timer game. (Domme counts down before the sub is allowed to cum).

Chastity (Silly orders sub to lock up his worm or gives permission to release).

Semi trampling. (Domme kicks something with heels or crushes the balls of a dildo).

Foot worship (Sub worships the feet of Domme.)

Boot worship (Sub worships Domme's boots.)

Armpit worship. (Sub worships Domme's armpits.)

Puppy play. (Silly treats sub as dog.)

Exhibitionism. (Silly look at what sub does.)

(Forced) Feminisation/Sissyfication/Sissy training. (Training walking, talking, dressing, making up, acting like a woman, etc.)

Slave training. (Domme raises sub as slave and teaches sub the submissive BDSM positions).

Ignore. (Sub is air for Stupid.)

Dominate. (Only one is the boss - and the sub is NOT!)

Humiliate. (Silly grabs sub on weak spot.)

Farmer fetish (Sub does this on command for Domme, his reaction depends on sub's kink).

Smoking fetish (Domme smokes on camera or forces sub to smoke).

Balloons fetish (Domme blows up balloons for the camera and/or pops them in different ways).

Food fetish. (Domme does something with food depending on sub's fetish.)

Custom (By arrangement.)



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