Money Mistress


What is FinDom? Here's some explanation. FinDom is not a new fetish within BDSM but it has grown in prominence in recent years (since the lockdown). FinDom is an abbreviation for Financial Domination where the goal is for the sub (submissive) to let himself be financially dominated by his Dominant Cashqueen. In most cases of FinSub, the sub is male and the Dom is female, though of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

Either way, it is about the sub wanting to provide his Dominatrix (his Goddess, his Queen, etc.) with all the luxuries and demanding little to nothing in return himself. The woman he worships must not lack anything.

The kink for the sub is often in the fact that he sees the transaction as a (substantial) expense over which he himself has no control. She and only she decides how much is spent when and on what.

Not infrequently, the danger of losing everything, going into debt, going bankrupt at the expense of the addiction the sub has to his divine Cashqueen is part of the (sexual) tension. The dominance with which she penetrates his personal (financial) world and extracts money from him (sometimes through manipulation or blackmail) is more than exciting for many cash slaves.


In this respect, FinDom is similar to BDSM although there are major differences. FinDom involves a form of humiliation that, like BDSM, can be arousing. However, the pain involved is only of an emotional nature. But that too is masochism. Indeed, this is also the case with BDSM humiliation sessions, the only difference being that with FinDom, it costs money. However, that is precisely what excites a finsub.

After all, the finsub has to pay everything for his FinDomme, but remains 'nothing' to her. All he is allowed to do is worship and (mostly) admire her from a distance.

Whereas in BDSM, physical serving plays a particularly important role, in FinDom it is the sub's material services that underline his devotion. The more the Money Goddess ignores or humiliates her paypig in the process, the greater his arousal and his need to please her. Anything for a compliment or sweet word from the one he so adores.


Many money slaves (moneyslaves, cashcows, cashpiggies, paypigs, human wallets, human ATM) transfer not only their money but even the login codes and passwords of their bank accounts to their FinDomme so that she can take what she wants, when she wants (beware that this is always arranged through an official authorisation with the bank. If not, as a Domme you are liable to considerable penalties). Sometimes she is even asked to set a minimum budget for the finsub to live on per month.

Where one sub makes completely selfless donations without expecting any kind of quid pro quo, the other does beg his Money Mistress for a small reward from time to time.

Although FinDom usually does not involve physical sexual contact between Money Goddess and Money Slave, it is common for the Money Slave to make extra payments to his Mistress to get her to reward him (usually online or in the form of photos or videos) for realising certain kinks or fetishes.


It is not inconceivable that the finsub himself plays a (business) dominant role in daily life, holds a managerial position or has his own business in which he bears great financial responsibility.

For this type of finsub, it is a relief when, while in contact with his FinDominatrix, he can for a moment completely relinquish (financial) control. That he is dominated by her and she is the one who decides where and how much money is spent on what.

Even when he is later faced with a considerably lower bank balance and feelings of guilt and perhaps regret, this does not stop him from maintaining contact with his FinDomme.

On the contrary, for some finsubs, FinDom is truly an addiction and a way to escape the daily grind/burdens and obligations on the financial front.

The desire to (be allowed to) serve the Cashqueen, the satisfaction when this has succeeded, the relief when she then does compliment you, the (emotional) pain of being systematically ignored and/or humiliated only to long for being allowed to serve her again.

All in all, it brings a sense of excitement to the finsub that he soon can't get out of. And wants to. 


Another reason someone becomes a finsub is the fact that he craves attention. Where he might not get this in everyday life (or at least not in the way he wants it), he can buy it from his Money Mistress.

Transferring money to her frequently is a way for this type of finsub to get as well as hold her attention. 

Becoming a Finsub?

When you choose to be my finsub (paypig, cashcow, moneyslave, money slave, human wallet), you first make a tribute to me after which you send me a WhatsApp or e-mail message neatly informing me that you have paid.

After receiving your payment, I will contact you within 48 hours and will ask you a number of questions about your financial situation, your job, background, education level, kinks, fetishes and other things I find important to know about my potential money slave. What you would like to be called by me is definitely part of that.

FinDom contract

Turns out after our conversation that you are a suitable cashpiggy for me, I will oblige you a contract to sign.

Once I have accepted you as my money slave, you should make it known everywhere (where relevant) that you are my property and it is important that you mind your manners at all times, address me nicely as 'Goddess, Queen, Mistress or Miss Million' and always - always! - show respect.

If not, an appropriate fine or punishment always follows.

So. Behave. Or else...!