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Difference between slave and sub

difference between slave and sub

On my website, I regularly talk about slaves and subs but what is the difference between a slave and a sub?

Whether someone feels slave or sub is entirely personal. So is my view on it. In this blog, I like to explain how I personally view it as a (professional) Dominatrix.

Sub, by the way, stands for submissive. Which means submissive.


I always say I have room for 10 regular money slaves. By this I mean that I cannot divide my time more than that. After all, each slave needs time and attention, so I simply cannot have more than ten.

In my view, a slave is a submissive who surrenders completely to his or her Dom(me). The slave does everything his or her Dom(me) commands. Refusal is hardly an option. The slave does everything to please, serve, please and obey the Dom(me).

Not just during the chat/webcam session, but (often, not always) also outside it so that the Dom(me) actually has the power 24/7 to order, control, command, dominate, etc. the slave.

Slaves are loyal and devoted, some are even my property, my complete property. I also sometimes message them out of myself. Sometimes for free, sometimes paid, just whatever the situation is. Just because I have that right. This is also precisely what the slave finds exciting. The constant threat of possible unexpected control, command or punishment.


A sub, on the other hand, is someone who is submissive only during the session. Outside of that, he/she and the Dom are equals.

Subs, on the other hand, are less loyal in my case and sometimes come back only once every few weeks or even once every few months for a chat/webcam session. I will never message a sub in person outside the sessions, the contact is too superficial for this. Although I have a better click with some sub than others, it cannot be compared to a slave with whom I usually have more frequent contact and often a more intense bond.

Therefore, I will not easily refuse a new sub, I can always make room for that. My slaves, on the other hand, are 100% loyal to me and need more attention, which they deserve as far as I am concerned. Hence, as far as they are concerned, the limit for me is ten.

Subs are also often not tied to one Dom(me), unlike loyal slaves. Outside our sessions, I therefore leave them completely alone, unless otherwise agreed. 

Difference between sub and slave

Within personal relationships, there are numerous forms of relationships Dom/sub and Dom/slave. In this blog, I have mainly focused on what it means for me personally as a Fin/FemDomme in view of my 'work'.

If you want to know more about it, be sure to take a look at foundation info BDSM.


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