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FinDom gift vouchers as means of payment

In FinDom, it is common for Dommes to accept gift cards as means of payment.

This is entirely personal and entirely dependent on the Domme.

If she is someone who likes and frequently uses certain beauty centres, specialty shops or other specific shops or eateries, then I can imagine it would be nice to be paid in gift cards from your favourite locations.

In this way, gift cards as a means of payment are really useful.


Personally, I prefer my subs, slaves and piggy banks to pay me with money so that I can decide where and on what I spend it. What good is a thousand euros of gift vouchers from BOL, Zalando or Douglas if I want 1000 euros for tattoos, the hairdresser and the pedicure?

When I first started with FinDom, the first sub to approach me was someone who was eager to become my blackmail slave.

Unfortunately, it was not possible for him to transfer me money so he asked me if I would please accept gift cards.

As much as I wanted this slave (fair is fair, he was my first, so exciting) I still stood firm and refused this.

From the beginning, I decided for myself that I set the rules and in doing so, I do not let myself be guided by what my subs, slaves or payboys want. They do it my way or not at all.

FinDom gift vouchers as means of payment

A slave who really wants to be Downed by a certain Domme will do everything to please, please and obey her.

Even when it comes to payments. Where there is a will, there is a way.

If the Domme adapts her rules to the slave instead of the slave following her rules (as it should), then you might wonder who prefers whom.

The slave the Dumb or vice versa.

Thereby. I am a Money Goddess, not a Gift Goddess.


Therefore, I would always advise beginning Dommes to keep following their own path and not bend to subs, slaves or paypigs.

If you want to accept gift cards at FinDom, you do. If you don't want to, then don't. 


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