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FinDom WhatsApp chat

So what is possible with a FinDom WhatsApp chat? More than you think.

Introduction interview

Let's start with an introductory conversation between Dom and sub. Especially after the sub has paid a tribute, it is nice if he gets a chance to ask his Dom a few questions. The same applies vice versa, of course. It is also important for the Domme to know who she is dealing with, what expectations the sub has of her and what she wants from him.


Although FinDom is primarily a psychological kink, many paypigs additionally have special desires regarding their own kinks or fetishes. As a Domme, you can choose to discuss these with your sub and see to what extent you want to accommodate him in this (for a fee, of course).


If there is something very appropriate to do via a FinDom WhatsApp chat, it is micromanaging. This requires the sub to ask permission for everything he does. Getting up, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, shopping, snacking, eating lunch, masturbating, visiting the toilet, showering, sleeping, etc. Here, the Domme can make the sub pay a certain amount per WhatsApp message via tikkie, but she can also choose to charge a fixed amount for the whole day or even for the whole week. For example, the Domme not only decides whether the sub can eat, but also decides what is eaten. The Domme not only decides whether the sub is allowed to go shopping, but also determines the budget for that day. Etc. etc.

Phone check

Through phone monitoring, the Domme randomly surprises the sub with various checks, depending on what they have agreed on. For example, if there is chastity (penis cage), the Domme can send an app several times a day asking if the cage is still in place. The sub should then provide proof on the spot. If he cannot, the Domme will fine him. Plus give extra punishment. The Domme decides whether and how often she checks on him and what she charges per WhatsApp contact.

Humiliation session

The Domme types a long humiliating message to the sub, specifically tailored to him. It is also possible to do this via voice message or even video calling. All, of course, for a fee.


The Domme ignores the sub in every possible way. Via chat or video calling. Briefly or for quite a long time. And, of course, for a fee.


The sub sends (only after her consent, of course!) a dickpic which the Domme will grade in all fairness for a fee. In doing so, she can choose to give a grade only or type a grade plus full report at an additional cost.

SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)

The sub sends (only after her consent, of course!) a dickpic(s) that will completely kick the Domme to the ground for a fee. This is possible via chat or voice message.


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