Money Mistress

Kinkyshop Online

Click on the link and save under favourites: concerns a kinky webshop for online FinDom and FemDom. These include debt contracts, blackmail agreements, instant messages, voice messages, custom content and custom kinks.

On X, I regularly received requests to sell something, which gave me the idea of creating a online kinky shop to open.

This allows everyone to check at their leisure whether there is something for them, and everything can be arranged neatly simply and online.


Custom content

Photos and videos of a wide variety of kinks and fetishes can be ordered from the department: Custom content.

For a quote, you can submit your request there via e-mail or WhatsApp.

Custom kink

If you have a special fetish or particular kink that is not listed on the website but that you would like to discuss with me and/or order from me, this is possible via the Custom kink.

Chat sessions

During the chat sessions I offer in the Kinkyshop, many things are possible. Think sexting, micromanaging, photo/video assignments, phone control, chastity control, ignoring session, etc.

From this, you have a choice of text and/or voice messages.

Check all opportunities in the department Chat sessions. 

Debt and blackmail

FinDom (Financial Domination) is a hot topic at the moment. In blackmail, I will blackmail you to prevent me from exposing you. With a debt contract, you acknowledge having a financial debt to me and the contract will state how much will be paid off per month for this and when the full debt must be repaid. Failure to make timely payments will result in fines and/or punishment.

At the Kinkyshop, it is possible to buy a blackmail screening apply for or a debt contract to be drafted.

BDSM psychological consultation

If you are submissive or just dominant and would like to know where this need comes from and/or would like to know what causes your particular kink or fetish, then for this the BDSM psychologically extremely appropriate.

While shopping at Kinkyshop, one rule I follow is that payment for the order must be made first before I contact you to discuss things or ship your item.

This is because it often happens that someone wants to have a nice chat with me about their kinks and ends up not buying anything anyway. This is a waste of time that I don't want.

It's really not difficult either.

  1. Ordering.
  2. Pay.
  3. Contact me or wait for me to message you, both are allowed.
  4. Order discussed.
  5. Order will be fulfilled.