Money Mistress

Custom-made photo or video

Not all FinDommes offer this service in their 'package', but I do. After all, I find making a custom-made photo or video one of the most fun things to do. Not only because it makes nice money but also because it allows me to use my own creativity to the fullest.

As FinDomme, if you choose to offer custom-made photos or videos, it is important that you meet the client's requirements in doing so.

The mistake many Baby Dommes make is: treating every potential customer as a paypig.

Not every customer who submits a request for a custom-made photo or video is a sub, slave or payment hog. So before you get too blunt or harsh, it is important as a Domme to consider who is making the request, the nature of the request and the tone of the client.

Tribute for photo or video

When I receive a request for a custom-made photo or video, I do not send a link for a tribute. Chances are, the client is not an admirer but just a 'buyer' looking for someone to create certain footage for them.

A tribute would be inappropriate in this case.

However, I do let you know immediately how much it will cost to take the photo or video in question, and my condition is that the client pays in advance. 

If payment is not forthcoming but the customer continues to app or email, I will stop as with other timewasters and freeloaders well with responding.

Some types get off on chatting for free about what turns them on so don't give too much away before payment has been made!

If the client first wishes to send me certain items to be included in the recording, the procedure is as follows.

  1. Customer makes down payment.
  2. I give the postal address and tell (if desired) roughly how I will make the recording.
  3. Customer agrees and sends package.
  4. Upon receipt, I send the customer a photo of the product to show that it is in my possession.
  5. Customer pays the balance.
  6. I take the desired photo or video.
  7. Customer receives the file.

This way, as a Domme, you do not risk being ripped off and you give the customer a professional impression. Because I simply let my customers deposit the money into my bank account, there is complete transparency.


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