Money Mistress

FinDom Blackmail

In FinDom, blackmail/chantage plays an important role in some cases. Blackmail slaves have specific preferences as to how they wish to be treated by their Money Mistress.

Whereas a money slave often voluntarily hands over his money to his FinDomme, a blackmail/chanta slave needs some extra pressure to get his (sexual) conveniences.

It is precisely the fact that something is at stake when he disobeys his Cashqueen that excites a blackmail/chanta slave even more.

His job, his wife, his family, his friends. This money sub knows that if he does not do what his Money Mistress tells him to, he can lose everything with one email, one phone call or one 'exposure' on her website.

Often, the Domme is in possession of photographs and videos of him in compromising poses (which she has obviously allowed him to take herself). All this together puts her in a supreme position of power towards him.

Knowing that the Money Goddess knows everything about him means he has to put up with her pressuring, manipulating, intimidating, dominating, coercing and ordering him around.

He no longer has any choice with her. His entire life (and destiny!) is in her hands.

Some blackmail slaves beg their Domme to expose them through photos and/or address details on website or social media, so that she can blackmail him to take it off again.

Whichever way you look at it, FinDom is and remains a (sexual) fantasy where anything is possible, as long as Domme and slave are on the same page. Good communication, mutual trust and respect are indispensable here.

Law and FinDom blackmail

So in FinDom blackmail, the Domme is in a huge position of power, which of course carries a certain responsibility.

If she orders him to transfer money to her, he does so. If she instructs him to take a video or picture of himself and send it to her within a certain time, he does it. Because otherwise...!

The line between FinDom blackmail/chantage and crime is wafer-thin. Often, this is precisely what excites a finsub blackmail/chantage slave immensely. If anything, it increases his adoration for his strong FinDomina even more and, if anything, increases the pedestal he has placed her on.

Although the will of the Money Mistress is law, she does have to abide by the law.

The line between game and reality is so thin in FinDom blackmail/ blackmail, that it is always necessary to draw up a contract in which both parties clearly state that any form of oppression, blackmail, threats and anything else associated with this 'game' will be on is done on a voluntary basis.

To prevent the blackmail slave from getting into financial trouble, it is also possible to agree on a maximum amount per week or per month. This too is part of the Domme's responsibility.

If you are a (budding) FinDomme and need a blackmail contract, check >HERE.



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