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FinDom stick to the law

FinDom, stick to the law! This blog is about FinDom and how thin the line here is between play and crime.

FinDom is popular. Look up the word in the search bar at TikTok and you are immediately treated to a tsunami of TikTok Dommes pretending to be FinDomme and commanding their potential paypigs on camera to hand over their credit cards to them.

Often they are teenagers and are even still in school.

I regularly wonder if these girls know at all what they are doing and what they would do when an adult, wealthy sub knocks on their door and asks for a debt contract or rock-solid blackmail.

FinDom is punishable

What the TikTok Dommes often don't know is that FinDom tends towards crime and if you don't cover yourself properly, you are just heavily punishable before the law.

Using someone else's credit card, misusing someone's debit card, withdrawing or transferring money from someone else's bank account without being officially authorised, blackmailing or otherwise pressuring someone, all these things fall under crime and even misdemeanour.

With a bit of bad luck, it will land you in jail for a few years.

FinDom contract

While I am aware that a written agreement and a 'safeword' (a word my slaves are only allowed to use if they want to rescind the contract) are the blackmail makes it less 'real', I always make my money slaves sign a contract.

In the FinDom contract, they agree to my actions, give up their maximum budget and declare that they voluntarily undergo the financial oppression and any additional blackmail.

Should a slave ever get it into his head to sue me for blackmail for whatever reason, I always have his statement in reserve that could save me a lot of misery in such a situation. 

FinDom, obey the law!

The safeword I offer my slaves after learning a hard lesson. Once, a slave expressed his desire to quit the whole blackmail thing. The water rose to his lips, he wanted out.

In my enthusiasm, I thought it was part of his 'game'. That he was deliberately resisting to see if I would continue. Which, indeed, I did.

I pressed him even harder than before, until he got really angry and threatened legal action.

To prevent this from happening again, I created the safeword, so that when a slave really doesn't want any more, this is also immediately clear to me and it is always provable in writing that the slave had a way out.

Thus, the FinDom contract is not so much in the interest of the slave, but mainly in the interest of the Domme!


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