Money Mistress

FinDom fines

At FinDom, it is not unusual for the FinDomme to have her money slave fines. Once the sub has secured a fine, he must also pay it immediately.

If he fails to do so, a fine and possibly a debt contract will obviously follow for that too.

Fines can be imposed in every possible way and can also vary quite a bit in amount, depending on the offence.

Reasons for FinDom fines

Reasons for getting a FinDom fine include:

Addressing your Money Goddess with 'you'.

No saying 'thank you' or 'please'.

Showing brutal behaviour.

Being Bratty.


Testing your Money Mistress.

Ignoring your Money Mistress.

Engaging in discussion with the Money Mistress.

Going beyond the boundaries of your Money Mistress in any way.

Agreed rules violated.

Failing to complete a task properly.

Failing to complete a task on time.

Failing to make a payment on time.

Failure to pay a penalty on time (debt accumulation).


Of course, fines can also be imposed online. For example, during a webcam session or WhatsApp chat conversation.

In that case, the Domme can directly send the sub a tap for transferring. 


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