Money Mistress

Money slave with shame and regret

Are you a sub who struggles with his or her sexual preferences or are you a money slave with shame and regret after having contact with a FinDomme? Then this blog is for you.

You are certainly not the only one and it is not at all strange that you are experiencing these feelings.

What I experience remarkably often as a Money Mistress is that a money slave approaches me completely of his own accord and, after paying a tribute or even after drawing up a contract, blocs me out of the blue, without any cause.

Sometimes I have an incredibly good Domme-sub-click with a money slave via chat and just like that, from one moment to the next, I can no longer send him messages.

From experience, I know that in this case, chances are that the sub or slave in question is struggling with feelings of guilt, regret or other negative feelings regarding his kinks and/or fetishes, and I don't take it personally. Indeed, I find it especially annoying for the sub in question.

Yet such behaviour is often difficult for novice Dommes to understand and can make them quite insecure.

Usually, they wonder if they themselves have done something wrong and if so, what.


If you are and money sub and recognise this in yourself, remember that a good FinDomme doesn't find anything strange or crazy and is always open to a serious conversation regarding your feelings as her submissive.

A Dominatrix will always be able to appreciate it if you dare to open yourself up to her. If, unfortunately, you do not seem to have hit upon a professional Dominatrix and she does not respond understandingly, blocking is always an option.

BDSM is all about mutual trust and that is certainly the case with FinDom.

Even if you are a money slave with shame and regret or other negative emotions, you should always be able to communicate openly and honestly about this with your Domme. 

Money slave with shame and regret

Especially when you suffer from conscientious objections due to religion, upbringing or feel uncomfortable or unpleasant in some other way that prevents you from enjoying yourself to the fullest as a sub or slave, it is the job of your Domme - who is, in a way, responsible for you - to deal with this in the right way.

It is much better to have this conversation with your Domme and have a good talk about it that will give you more clarity or peace of mind than just blocking her out of the blue without either of you being any the wiser.

Even now, if you still struggle with mixed feelings, fear, uncertainty or conscientiousness in view of your sexual preferences, fetishes or kinks, it might help to submit your questions to a very experienced Mistress.

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