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Approach a paypig yourself?

As a FinDomme, can you approach a paypig yourself? The info below concerns my own view on this.

If you think differently, that's of course totally fine. Each Domme determines its own rules and methods. This blog is only meant as advice, to help beginning FinDommes (the so-called Baby Dommes) get a bit started.

Indeed, in FinDom, there are no set rules or etiquettes, including with regard to approaching a paypig yourself.

Except that you NEVER approach a paypig that is already clearly downtrodden!

You stay away from other people's property. Full stop. 

While many FinDommes are of the opinion that as a Money Mistress, you should not take the first step towards a paypig yourself, other FinDommes do.

They feel that you are precisely showing your authority by simply appropriating a slave yourself.

Personally, I disagree.

OK, by promptly showing up in a sub's DM and saying/noting that you want him or her does indeed show that you are quite dominant, but if the sub then doesn't respond or even rejects you, that's quite a letdown for a Domme as far as I'm concerned.

So personally, I would never take this approach.

Following a paypig on social media

Some paypigs are too insecure or shy to approach a Domme themselves and seek her attention by, for example, cautiously liking the Domme's posts or posting a comment here and there.

Here I am NOT talking about the well known responses like : 'DM me with your PayPal or CashApp'. I obviously do not respond to those.

Someone who approaches a FinDomme this way has not understood anything about it anyway and, of course, I am not going to let a sub boss me around at all.

Nine times out of 10, of course, these are also final timewasters.

What I do do when a paypig regularly returns positively in my posts or comments is to like the responses of the sub in question or respond briefly to them if relevant. I see this as a subtle way of encouraging him.

Following a paypig (back) I do in some cases.

If I see he is not a scammer (just check timeline and comments), if I think I can benefit from it or if he posts interesting tweets.

If I see something on him that appeals to me, I also like it or, in some cases, post a comment. And no, I don't see any problem with that - if dosed. 

On the contrary, if you post raunchy and/or eye-catching comments in moderation, you can also use them to pique the interest of other pigs reading this. I always say, if you don't show yourself, people won't know you exist either.

However, I won't go further than that. The first DM should come from the sub, slave or pig at all times.

With a tribute Of course.

Responding to bait tweets from paypigs

On the other hand, what I never do is respond to posts where a paypig on his own timeline or in a group asks for comments from Dommes.

Commonly seen tweets include:

"Who wants to get paid today?" "Who wants to do a RT game?" "Who needs money for rent?"

De hoeveelheid (Baby) Dommes die hierop reageren is bedroevend. Vaak straalt de wanhoop er vanaf en vraag ik me regelmatig af:

Come on ladies. Who needs who?

First of all, nine times out of ten they are pathetic guys who use fake messages to seek attention from beautiful women or wannabe paypigs who choose the easy way out. Besides, a real FinDomme is not going to queue up for a bit of money.


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