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What is a FinDom debt contract

What is a FinDom debt contract

As you can see, I offer a FinDom blackmail contract as well as a FinDom debt contract on my website.

What is the difference?

Blackmail contract

At a blackmail contract there is no outstanding debt but blackmail.

In this, my sub pays me a weekly or monthly amount (usually pre-arranged) to prevent me from exposing him (on the internet, with your friends, family and/or at work).

The danger of being able to lose everything as a result can really excite (both sexually and psychologically) a true finsub. FinDom is primarily a psychological kink for a reason.

Debt contract

Under a debt contract, I determine in consultation with my sub his debt to me and draw up a contract with the full outstanding amount, what his weekly or monthly instalments are and when the full debt must be repaid. Once a month, I send him a payment statement so he can see how much he still needs to pay me.

Getting deeply in debt for his Goddess and as a result almost unable to make ends meet herself while she lives a life of luxury thanks to him is where the finsub gets his kick out of.

Blackmail contract vs debt contract

Whereas in a blackmail contract, there is the threat of total exposure, in a debt contract, I only impose fines or penalty interest on my sub in case of late payment, unless otherwise agreed.

In short:

With a blackmail contract, you run the risk of being exposed if you don't obey me and/or pay on time.

Under a debt contract, you are mainly required to pay on time to repay your total debt to me and avoid fines (which will put you even more in debt to me).


So. Make your choice and let me trot you out.


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