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Why a paypig questionnaire

Why a paypig questionnaire? The answer to this question is actually quite simple. Every potential money slave who comes to me is an individual. An individual with his or her own background, own experiences, own desires and own insecurities as well as strengths.

As a Domme, it is very important to know about your sub or slave. If you know nothing about this person, then it is almost impossible to give them appropriate treatment, let alone meet their expectations.

Although the Dom or Domme is always in charge, it is of course important that the sub or slave also gets optimum pleasure from the contact.

Whether this one wants to be humiliated or just complimented, to excite and trigger or treat him or her to (whether or not cruel) mindgames, it is very important that you know what he wants and, more importantly, why.

BDSM slave questionnaire

Although as a Mistress I am known to be strict and sometimes even ruthless, I am also a Mistress who treats her subs and slaves accordingly. Some sub just need a stricter approach than others.

This has everything to do with the psychology behind BDSM. Every sub or slave has a different background and therefore needs to be to be treated differently.

Whereas some subs or slaves are very well-behaved and obedient, others are downright bratty and deliberately push the limits. The reason they are how they are always has a cause that needs to be taken into account.

Also, the paypig questionnaire is useful for the Domme to be able to determine whether the potential sub or slave suits her. Can she give him what he desires? Is he in the right place with her or is there perhaps no click in this area? Nice to know before starting a deeper connection.

Paypig questionnaire

Besides the psychological bit, FinDom also involves the financial aspect. What is the maximum the sub or slave can miss per month, how much debt is realistic and in how many instalments can he repay it?

Having a new pay sub or money slave fill in an en paypig questionnaire is definitely a good way for both parties to determine whether your expectations match

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