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What does a paypig get after paying a tribute

What does a paypig get after paying a tribute?

If a paypig wants contact with a FinDomme, it is important that he gives her approached correctly.

  1. He looks on her website or social media profile what her payment details are, transfers her tribute and only then sends a message letting her know he has paid. Preferably with the proof of transfer attached.
  2. Unable to find her payment details, he sends her a neat message humbly asking for her payment details, how much her tribute amounts to and if he can please transfer it to her.

Tribute paid and then?

Some FinDommes believe that they do not have to give anything in return for a tribute. Officially, this is true. The FinDomme can choose to give the pig attention, but is under no obligation to do so.

It is only when the pig pays for an actual session or wants to buy something from the Domme that she owes him.

A tribute is usually seen mainly as an expression of respect, admiration or adoration. Sometimes to be allowed to talk to her but sometimes just as a treat in between.

So what a paypig gets after paying a tribute depends entirely on the Domme.

Tribute to Miss One in a Million

When I receive a tribute with no message attached, I leave it. I experience this as a so-called 'silent send' from an admirer. In this case, I will not approach the giver to say thank you. In FinDom, in fact, it is the other way around.

The giver should be grateful that he was allowed or able to send something to the Domme. That he was allowed to contribute to her financial gain.

As far as I am concerned, a silent send is also a silent receive. I take the tribute silently.

When I receive a tribute with a clear question attached, I always choose to answer it.

Not because I am obliged to do so, but because I see in a paypig that pays a tribute unsolicited of its own accord opportunities that I can take advantage of myself.

So personally, after receiving the tribute, I will answer the paypig's question, spend a short time getting acquainted and if relevant (if he really wants to become my slave) a questionnaire send.

What does a paypig get after paying a tribute?

To this question, the answer is: It depends on the Domme in question.

In any case, a paypig cannot derive any rights from the payment of a tribute.


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