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Rates FinDom

I am regularly asked by budding FinDommes what my rates are for FinDom. The answer is simple and complicated at the same time, namely: I do not charge fixed rates. The only fixed... Read more

How to find a paypig

How to find a paypig

How do you find a paypig? I can answer this question very simply, you don't find one, he finds you. A FinDomme who has to hunt for a paypig himself does... Read more

FinDom advice line for Dommes

Advice line for FinDommes

Unique in the field of FinDom is the advice line for FinDommes that I have created here. I regularly receive messages from ladies who would like to become FinDomme.... Read more

Paypig questionnaire

Why a paypig questionnaire

Why a paypig questionnaire? The answer to this question is actually quite simple. Every potential money slave who comes to me is an individual. An individual with his or her own background,... Read more

Kinkyshop Online

Click on the link and save under favourites: concerns a kinky webshop for online FinDom and FemDom. Think debt contracts, blackmail agreements, instant messages, voice messages, custom content and... Read more

What is a FinDom debt contract

What is a FinDom debt contract

What is a FinDom debt contract As you can see, in addition to a FinDom blackmail contract, I also offer a FinDom debt contract on my website. What is the difference? Blackmail contract... Read more

FinDom stick to the law!

FinDom stick to the law

FinDom, stick to the law! This blog is about FinDom and how thin the line here is between play and crime. FinDom is popular. Look up the word in... Read more